Eating Disorders Research 

Eating Disorders Research Grants Program

The fundamental aim of this grants program is to understand the biology underlying the psychiatric disease anorexia nervosa, with the goal of accelerating progress toward prevention and treatment.  We fund grants to academic researchers for 1 – 3 year projects to research the biology of this disease, and the questions of how and why it develops and persists.  We encourage approaches that incorporate neurobiology with an up-to-date understanding of the symptoms and dysfunction associated with anorexia nervosa.

At this time the Foundation does not have immediate plans for an RFA in 2024. 

 Resources related to anorexia nervosa

Clinical overview of anorexia nervosaRecording of a webinar for basic researchers who want a better understanding of the clinical aspects of anorexia nervosa. KFF will not use/share your contact information with external parties. 

Between wellness, relapse, and remission: Stages of illness in anorexia nervosa: Publication and summary poster of a KFF-funded Delphi Panel study to define longitudinal stages of illness in anorexia nervosa.

Previous recipients of KFF eating disorders research grants



The ANGI study collected clinical information and DNA samples from over 13,000 anorexia patients in the United States, Sweden, Australia, and Denmark, and compared this to DNA from people without a history of eating disorders in order to detect genetic variation that contributes to this potentially life-threatening illness. The study was published in Nature Genetics in July of 2019. Please click here to learn how to access data from ANGI and other study cohorts.

Please contact us at EDresearch [at] with questions relating to the Foundation’s support of Eating Disorders Research.