Ensuring a Healthy Democracy

The Klarman Family Foundation’s work is guided by a commitment to democratic ideals and values. We believe that the preservation of democratic norms lies at the core of all our work, and that a healthy democracy is crucial to everything we seek to achieve as a foundation. We believe that a healthy democracy is built upon: a¬†commitment to treating all people fairly and equally under the law; an informed and civically engaged public; and an inclusive society where people know, trust, and care about the common good.

Grantmaking is focused on the following objectives:

  • Strengthen equal protection under the rule of law
  • Rebuild trust in news, science, and facts
  • Rebuild confidence in democratic institutions, and the role and responsibilities for citizens to participate in democracy
  • Strengthen accountability of government institutions
  • Build social cohesion and address hate within and across communities

Team members focused on this area: Jessica Baylor, Jonathan Horowitz, Anna Spandorfer