Instrument Fund

The Foundation believes that music is a powerful medium that enriches the lives of individuals. Access to high quality, continuous music instruction from the introductory to the mastery level provides the opportunity for youth to develop the skills, discipline, and focus that will enrich their own lives and give them tools to be a positive force in the world around them. A goal of the Foundation is that all youth in Boston are able to pursue continuous and rigorous training in music to their highest level of interest and ability.

With a history of funding music education programs at all levels, entry level through mastery, the Foundation knows that a lack of funding for instruments can be a barrier that compromises an organization’s ability to reach interested youth or provide the highest quality instruction. In some cases, programs do not have an ample supply of quality instruments, and in other cases, programs do not have the right size, type or quality of instrument to meet the needs of particular students.

The goal of the Instrument Fund is to eliminate one barrier for youth to play music at their highest level of interest and ability. Through this Fund, the Foundation will provide funding to support the purchase, rental or repair of instruments that are used for music education programs reaching low-income Massachusetts youth during the school day or out-of-school time.

Funds may be used for:

  • Purchase, rental, repair and warranties for instruments (Note: for programs that have been in operation for less than two years, it is likely that grant funds will be restricted to rental and/or repair)
  • String, woodwind, brass, percussion instruments, and keyboards, and related technology for teaching and learning 
  • Accessories (e.g. risers, music stands, instrument storage equipment, instrument cases)

Grant Size: Given the range of costs for instruments and repair, we look forward to reviewing all reasonable requests that are aligned with the goals of the Fund. The grants are intended to enhance, not replace, an organization’s budget for instruments.

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

  • Be a nonprofit organization or school (see below for school eligibility) with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status or utilize a non-profit fiscal sponsor
  • Serve youth (K-12th grade) living in Massachusetts
  • Provide access to instrument instruction for low-income youth
  • Provide high quality sequential instrument instruction that allows for sustained involvement and continuous skill development
  • Have dedicated music teacher(s)
  • Provide adequate storage, management and care of instruments
  • Not have received funding through the Klarman Family Foundation’s Instrument Fund in the past 24 months

School eligibility — public (district and charter), parochial and private schools must meet the following additional criteria to be eligible to apply:

  • Serve a predominantly low-income student population
  • Have an established instrumental music program, which may include an orchestra, band, or ensemble
  • Demonstrate a commitment to its music program (as evidenced by school budget, annual fund raising, and/or longevity of program)

To apply for an Instrument Fund grant:

Organizations and schools may apply for an Instrument Fund grant through an online application (see details below).  The Foundation is accepting applications on a rolling basis and will make funding decisions within eight weeks of receiving a complete application. Funding decisions will be based on alignment with the goals and eligibility requirements of the Fund.

To apply for an Instrument Fund grant or return to your online account, please click the following link:

For questions about the Instrument Fund or the online proposal process, please contact us.