Global Jewish Community and Israel

As a member of the Greater Boston and global Jewish community, the Klarman Family Foundation maintains an unwavering commitment to demonstrating Jewish values and supporting the Jewish people and Israel. The Foundation also seeks to support a vibrant Jewish community in Greater Boston that ensures the well-being of all its members and actively participates in making Greater Boston a better community for all.

We believe Israel is essential to the Jewish experience and even to Jewish survival. In an environment of growing anti-Semitism, Israel is the one Jewish state — a historic homeland where every Jew is welcome. Israel’s significance extends beyond its importance to the Jewish people. It is also a dynamic, diverse and democratic society, with an entrepreneurial spirit that has helped make it a global leader in science, technology and medicine. The Klarman Family Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life and access to opportunities for all Israeli citizens so that they may benefit from the country’s prosperity.

As with all of our work, the Foundation values partnerships with other funders. For example, we are working with Co-Impact – The Partnership for a Breakthrough in Arab Employment to increase opportunities for higher education and successful careers for Israel’s Arab citizens. Through other partnerships, we are focused on deepening connections between Israelis and Americans, particularly among young adults, scientists and other thought leaders. These partnerships include collaborations with the Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston to reach young adults and leaders, and with the Israel Science Foundation to build connections between Israeli and U.S. scientists.

The issues we are attempting to address are complicated, requiring new and creative thinking and persistence over time. We are committed to learning what works and to assessing our impact. As a nimble funder, we know that the shifting landscape may reveal new opportunities or urgent needs where the Foundation can act. While our strategies will evolve, our commitment to the local and global Jewish community, to Israel, and to applying best practices in philanthropy will remain unchanged.

Our grantmaking in this area is by invitation only.

Team members focused on this area: Lauren Fogel, Jonathan Horowitz, Malka Travaglini