Reviewer Confidentiality Agreement

In the course of reviewing applications for awards, individuals involved in the review process may receive, and/or be given access to, confidential information concerning applicants and their research projects.

“Confidential Information” means (i) all written business, financial, technical, patient and scientific information relating to applicants and the applicants’ research projects submitted by the applicants to the Klarman Family Foundation for consideration of an award, including but not limited to, scientific protocols and financial projections; (ii) oral information discussed by members of the Klarman Family Foundation staff and volunteers and other reviewers involved in the same review process; and (iii) information specific to the Klarman Family Foundation, its staff, and volunteers. “Confidential Information” shall exclude information in the public domain, or received and/or developed by the reviewer without benefit from participation in the application review process or breach of this policy.

As an application reviewer, you shall not use or disclose Confidential Information, including the contents of applications, outside of the review process. This information shall only be discussed with Klarman Family Foundation staff and with other reviewers participating in the same review process who have been informed of and agree to abide by this policy and, and only in the context of, and under the procedures for, application review. As an application reviewer, you shall not contact the applicants or anyone on the project teams of applications being reviewed to discuss any aspect of the application or the application process prior to final decision making. In addition, you agree not to give unfair advantage to future grant applicants through your knowledge of Klarman Family Foundation deliberations or particular award applications, or publish or claim any intellectual property rights on any Confidential Information obtained as a result of your participation as a reviewer.

Reviewers must securely dispose of any materials made available or supplied to them and all copies and reproductions thereof once final selection of the grant recipient(s) is complete.

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