Medical & Scientific Research

The Klarman Family Foundation invests in research to advance understanding of the biological basis of health and illness. As we have considered the best way for a private family foundation to have an impact, we have focused on opportunities that allow us to generate resources and knowledge for the greater scientific community, leverage those resources through collaborations, and accelerate findings.

Current Research Program Areas

Eating Disorders Research

The Foundation’s eating disorders research program was developed to help accelerate progress in understanding the biological basis of eating disorders.  The short-term goals of this program are to help create resources that are broadly available for the research community, to support outstanding science, and to expand the pool of scientists whose research explores the basic biology of eating disorders.  The longer term goals are to accelerate progress toward prevention and treatment, and to improve the lives of patients suffering from these conditions.  Please click here to learn more about our funding for eating disorders research.

Sleep Research

The aim of the Klarman Family Foundation’s sleep research program is to accelerate sleep research by bridging critical gaps in the research landscape and by creating resources to support future investigation.  Our longer term goal is to catalyze change in the field of sleep research, and ultimately to help unlock the mysteries behind sleep and improve human health.  Please click here to learn more about our currently funded program in sleep research.

Incubation and Acceleration of Innovative Research

In addition to funding for specific research fields, the Klarman Family Foundation provides flexible incubator and accelerator institutional funding for transformative, cutting-edge research to advance understanding of the biology of health and illness.  Please click here to learn more about our efforts to incubate and accelerate innovative research.

Staff focused on this area: Lara Bethke